• 29 February 2012

      Wellington Pipelines Limited

      PO Box 43-212


      LOWER HUTT 5048

      ATTENTION: Mr James Fruean

      Dear Mr Fruean,


      I am a rate-paying resident of Miromiro Road, where your company has been replacing the old watermain for the last few months. The old watermain was very fragile and tended to burst in the middle of the night at reasonably regular frequency, and after repairs elsewhere on the main. Thanks to Wellington Pipelines we now have a reliable, clean supply with good pressure. I want to personally thank you and your team at Wellington Pipelines for the extremely professional approach taken in all aspects of the project.

      As you will be aware, Miromiro Road is windy and narrow in places, with topography that means it is generally is a difficult place to work and still maintain existing traffic flows and access to and from private properties. Yet, due to your excellent site management practices, at no time did this work environment appear to be a hurdle for your company as work progressed, and I was never inconvenienced when entering or exiting my property or travelling up and down the road. Potable water has been available at all times, other than two occasions late at night when we were advised in advance by letter of a two hour shut down period (which was never that long as it turned out).

      Your staff have been extremely polite and efficient when we had questions to ask or needed their assistance to exit or enter our property. Works areas were left in a tidy state and restored to as close as possible to their original condition prior to working. I also appreciated your prompt and helpful personal responses to the queries I rang you about. I commend your company for the overall approach taken during the lengthy project. I would also have no hesitation in recommending your company to my land development clients in the future.

      Your’s sincerely,

      J Grimmett

    • James Fruean

      Wellington Pipelines

      Re-Tawa Water Contract D3699.

      I would like to congratulate you and your staff on the recent contract which was completed in the Tawa area. The manner in which the work was undertaken was of the highest standard.

      The pipe laying and all aspects of related work, the compacting of the trench, asphalting and sand sealing was of an excellent standard.

      I look forward to the supervision of future works with you and your staff.

      Kind Regards,

      Pierre Francois

  • Hi there..

    Over the past 3 – 4 weeks your company, Wellington Pipelines, was responsible for laying new pipes along the length of Dowling Grove, Silverstream, where I live.

    The way in which you carried out the work was outstanding.

    Your communication and manner in which your staff carried out the work was fantastic. Your staff were efficient and professional in carrying out this work and there was very little, if any disruption, to the locals in the street, even though it had the potential to be disruptive to residents.

    On one occasions your staff went the extra mile to assist our elderly relatives over the driveways that had been freshly concreted. They went the extra mile even though they did not have to ….that is great ‘customer service’.

    They managed traffic flow really well and again were also friendly and helpful throughout the time they were working in the street..

    The finish result was great and there was no requirement to go out and finish or touch up anything ..

    So to you guys ………… bloody well done……

    Todd Southall