Company Overview


Wellington Pipelines Ltd is a privately owned company established in 2001 and based in Wainuiomata, Wellington. The company is a pipeline construction and general contracting firm.

The Manager of Wellington Pipelines Ltd is Mr James Fruean. Mr Fruean is a Certifying Drainlayer with over 20 years experience in drainage and related work, comprising 11 years as manager of all operations carried out by Wellington Pipelines Ltd and 10 years in various roles in other construction companies. Mr Fruean has a number of qualifications related to construction work, including water reticulation and site safety qualifications.

Other personnel of Wellington Pipelines Ltd include a core team of drainage, water reticulation, plant operation and general labouring staff, supplemented as necessary from time to time with additional personnel for larger construction projects. A civil engineer carries out engineering, survey, contract management and other related work, and office staff carry out financial, administrative and clerical functions.

Wellington Pipelines Ltd owns and operates a full range of construction plant items appropriate for pipeline construction and related works, ranging from medium to large excavators and trucks down to small excavation and materials handling plant. Larger and/or specialised plant is hired as necessary for specific projects.

Health & Safety Policy

Wellington Pipelines Ltd is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees and for those affected by the works that are undertaken. To this end, Wellington Pipelines Limited has a goal to eliminate all conditions and incidents that could result in personal injury, could affect the occupational health of its employees, could be a hazard to the general public, or could be detrimental to the environment.

Wellington Pipelines Ltd accepts responsibility for providing safe working conditions, defining, imparting and following safe working practices and fully complying with all health and safety legislative requirements and recommended codes of practice.

Wellington Pipelines Ltd also accepts responsibility for carrying out its operations in such a way that pollution or damage to the environment is avoided.

Wellington Pipelines Ltd will ensure that health and safety in the workplace is an ongoing and active management function involving employees at all levels. Employees will be encouraged to participate actively in the process and will be required to comply with procedures and rules laid down. Subcontractors will be required to both comply with the health and safety practices of Wellington Pipelines Ltd and to adopt similar practices of their own.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Wellington Pipelines Ltd has in place a Drug and Alcohol Policy and full details of the policy are contained in separate documentation.

The policy specifically prohibits employees or subcontractors from working on company business, being on company property or driving company vehicles while under the influence of non-prescription drugs or alcohol. The policy also prohibits the possession or distribution of drugs or alcohol on company premises or on company worksites.

The company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy provides as a condition of employment for pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, for random drug and alcohol testing at any time during employment, and for post-incident drug or alcohol testing if required. The company actively enforces the Drug and Alcohol Policy.